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Behind the Smile Cover.png
Behind The Smile

A smile can be used in many ways. To show the happiness that a person may fell inside. To show the gratitude for someone helping them in some way. Maybe even to show a child that what he just accomplished was magnificent. Yet, what happens when those same beautiful smiles have other intentions hidden behind them? Sometimes that very same beautiful smile can be deadly. 

The Fall (cover).jpg
The Fall

Everyone knows that the higher one goes the harder the fall. Travis finds this out in the worst way possible. Can he work through the pain and guilt to lift himself back to the top? Or will keep falling into the darkness that swallows his consciousness?

The Last Day

Everyone has their own fears of the last days of life on earth. With the unknown, fear will naturally follow. This short story covers the raw emotions of Richard, a tool IT guy, on the day that we all fear. The Last Day.

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